Fuel Blending and NOM-016-CRE-2016

NOM-016-CRE-2016 is a permanent standard which regulates fuel quality in Mexico. It applies to petroleum-based fuels for use by on-road and off-road vehicles, as well as jet fuel, industrial fuels and liquid petroleum gas. Due to the high demand in the Mexican energy market, Mexico’s Energy Reform allowed the import of fuels, petrochemicals, and hydrocarbons with the requirement that they adhere to NOM-016-CRE-2016.

The Bureau Veritas Latin America division has a presence across North and South America, dedicated to conducting inspections and testing the quality of imported petroleum-based fuels in accordance with NOM-016-CRE-2016. We hold the permits and certifications, as well as the ISO 17025 accreditation, required by the Mexican Government to inspect and certify all fuels, petrochemicals, and hydrocarbons imported into Mexico. Our division tests regular gasoline, premium gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, AvGas, blendstock and blending components. Also, if any product needs to be treated our additives division will assist.

Fuel additive services

Inspection and Testing Services Include:

  • Manage and oversee vessel, tank transfers, railcar, and pipeline operations

  • Generate and review certificate of analysis for accuracy and conformance

  • Submission of analysis to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) for approval

  • Submission of inspection reports to our clients for such field operations

  • Client formalities for operations to be performed

  • Communication with clients throughout operations

Group Email: IAC_LATINGROUP@bureauveritas.com

Bureau Veritas is capable of running the listed NOM-016 slates:

Diesel - NOM-016 Slate
Test Description
D1298, D4052 Specific gravity at 20/4 °C
D86 , D7344 , D7346 Distillation temperature
D93, D7094, D3828 Flash Point
D97 Pour point
D2500 Cloud Point
D4737, D976 Cetane rating
D613 Cetane number
D4294 Sulphur
D5453, D2622, D7039, D7220 Sulphur
D130 Cu corrosion, 3 hours at 50 °C
D524 Carbon residue (in 10% of residue)
D2709 Water and sediment
D445 Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C
D482 Ash
D1500 Color
D1319 , D5186 Aromatics content
D6079, D7688 Lubricity
D2624, D4308 Electrical conductivity
Gasoline Reg & Prem - NOM-016 Slate
Test Description
D5191, D4953 Vapor Pressure (RVP)
D1298, D4052 Specific gravity at 20/4°C
D3227 Mercaptan sulfur
D130 Corrosiveness to Cu, 3 hours at 50°C
D381 Gum content
D525 Induction period
D2699 Octane number (RON)
D2700 Octane number (MON)
D2699 + D2700 /2 Octane rate (RON+MON)/2
D5598 Dispersing detergent additive
D5188 Steam-liquid ratio
D1319, D6379. D6839 Aromatics
D1319, D6379. D6839, D6550 Olefins
D3606, D5580, D6277 Benzene
D5453, D2622, D7039, D7220 Total sulfur
D4815 Oxygen Content
Kerosene (Jet A1) and Jet A- NOM-016 Slate
D1298, D4052 Density at 20°C
D4052 Gravity
Visual Appearance
D86, D2887, D7345 Distillation temperature
D56 Flash point
D2386, D5972 Freezing temperature
D4529, D3338, D4809 Calorific power
D3242 Total acidity
D1319, D5186 Aromatics
D4294, D5453, D2622, D7039 Total sulfur
D3227 Mercaptan sulfur
D445 Kinematic viscosity at -20ºC
D3141 Thermal stability
Annex 1 Annex A1 VTR (Visual)
Annex 2 ITR Annex A2 ITR
D1322 Smoke point
D1840 Naphthalenes
D2276, D5452 Contaminant particles
D130 Corrosiveness to Cu, 2 hours at 100°C
D381 Gum content
D3948 Qualification by microseparometer
D7797 Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME)
Fuel Oil - NOM-016 Slate
Test Description
D1298, D4052 Specific gravity at 20/4°C
D93, D7094, D3828 Flashpoint
D97 Pour point
D86, D7344, D7345 Distillation (distillation of 90%)
D445, D88, D2161 Kinematic viscosity
D4294, D5453, D7220, D2622, D7039 Sulfur
D3228 Nitrogen
D5863 Vanadium and nickel
D4868, D4809 Calorific power
D3279 Asphaltenes (Insolubles at nC7)
D1500 Color
D2709, D1796 Water and sediment
Aviation Gasoline (100LL) - NOM-016 Slate
D1298, D4052 Specific gravity at 20/4ºC
D1298, D4052 Density at 15°C
D86, D7345, D7344 Distillation
D873 Stability at oxidation by 5 hours
D1093 Residue reaction
D323, D5191 Vapor pressure at 38°C
D1266, D2622 Total sulfur
D130 Corrosiveness to Cu, 2 h, at 100ºC
D873 Accelerated gum, 5 h
D3341. D5059 Tetraethyllead (TEL)
D2700 Octane number, MON
D909 Octane number, MON
D2386 Freezing temperature
D4529, D4809, D3338 Net calorific power
D1094 Reaction with water, Volume exchange
D2624 Electric conductivity
D5739 Oxidation inhibitor
D2392 Color