Inspector of Record

Inspector of Record

One of our key assets is the depth of experience in our staff.  Professional personnel with years of industry experience coupled with a wide-ranging collection of business resources allows Bureau Veritas to uniquely customize and focus on our client jurisdiction’s specific needs and requirements. We have worked directly with jurisdictions in a variety of capacities and are both familiar and comfortable with working in the fast-changing pace of evolving public and private sector environments. 

It is of the utmost importance that projects are constructed according to a minimum set of standards and having qualified Inspectors of Record (IOR) is the best way to accomplish this. IORs are often the most sought-after inspection professionals because they are required to verify and observe specific aspects of the construction process. At Bureau Veritas, we have IORs on staff who can partner with you on designated projects.  

Our national coverage, yet local focus, ensures that we will be able to satisfy your specific IOR needs. Outsourcing IOR personnel removes the burden of providing health benefits, retirement, paid time off, worker’s compensation insurance, and other long-term costs associated with maintaining in-house staff. 

Key benefits of our Inspector of Record services

  • Experienced team of Inspectors of Record 

  • In-depth experience inspecting all building types and occupancies 

  • Personalized service with close communication 

  • Adherence to best practices