Parking Structures

Parking Structures

Our design philosophy is based on a practical design that is efficient, maintains a culture that preserves a sounding environment and has a sustainable solution. Our award-winning architecture solutions have resulted in repeat clientele and new business for our firm over the last two and a half decades.

We take pride in our ability to interpret the client's needs, consistently producing programs and design solutions resulting in a project exemplifying the client's image—yet maintaining efficiency and cost control. We are confident in our ability to develop design solutions that are consistent with client requirements. Design solutions evolve from intense site conditions studies in conjunction with the urban area demographics and proximity. We always consider relationships to building services and human amenities in the final site selection and design. Our building designs draw on the adage “form follows function” and materialize into efficient, cost-effective solutions that enhance our client's public perception and are compatible with the context of surrounding local development.

Bureau Veritas is a full-service design company providing architectural planning and engineering design services.  We approach each project without any preconceived ideas.  We believe that each project is unique in itself because of its location, climate, environment, topography, and existing site features.  Other physical and/or nonphysical aspects of the project could be planning opportunities or constraints, agencies' requirements, and economic and market influences. 

A unique, one-stop source for parking structures.

Our parking expertise

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Office / Retail
  • Education
  • Transportation