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Robotics Testing

Our Building & Infrastructure division remains committed to delivering high-quality, innovative approaches to testing and inspection for clients. In 2019, we formed an exclusive partnership with a trusted firm to equip our inspectors with market-leading robotics and technology solutions. These solutions bring clients the benefits of increased speed, safety, accuracy, and cost savings, along with minimum disruption to the communities they serve.

Our inspectors are able to harness the power of robotics to help you assess the condition of bridges, roadways, and other infrastructure; better budget for maintenance and repairs; and prolong an asset’s life expectancy through early detection. Remote robotics also allow us to complete inspections and repairs without lane closures, without exposing workers to dangerous conditions, and with much higher efficiency … all at a reduced cost.

Coupled with the deep industry knowledge of our engineers and inspectors, the result is a portfolio of leading-edge robotics tools wielded by world-class T&I professionals.


BridgeScan® - Bridge deck and approach-way assessments

BridgeScan uses innovative NDT technologies and robotics to identify and quantify:
• Concrete or asphalt deterioration
• Delamination and debonding
• Cover thickness
• Rebar patterns and sizing
• Monitoring of deterioration
• …and more

CableScan® - Robotic cable stay bridge inspections

CableScan uses robotic inspections that couple electromagnetic testing with high-definition video, enabling us to detect and inspect:
• Corrosion
• Broken wires
• Loss of cable section
• Damage to cable sheathing

PoleScan® - High Mast Light Pole inspections & repairs

PoleScan takes high-definition videos of High Mast Light Poles and their components, allowing inspectors to remotely identify imperfections in the weld seams, coating, and luminaries.

If repairs are needed, a robotic device climbs the Light Pole and sands and paints the rusted areas—all without closing lanes of traffic or putting human workers at risk.

RopeScan® - Robotic wire rope inspections & maintenance

RopeScan leverages a unique combination of robotics, magnetic flux leakage, and remote video to identify section loss, broken wires, or surface damages. If maintenance is required, a RopeScan robot remotely climbs and lubricates wire ropes.

Applications include:
• Bridge cables
• Crane cables
• Flare stack guy wires
• Mining cables
• … and more

TendonScan® - Post-tension tendon inspection and reporting

TendonScan uses electromagnetic technologies to examine a cross-section of tendons and locate and measure the loss of metallic area, broken strands, and corrosion.

CrackScan® - Concrete and bridge crack inspection

CrackScan equips our inspectors with 2D and 3D mapping and digital monitoring of the length, width, and position of cracks on concrete structures.

ColumnScan® - Robotic column inspection

ColumnScan replaces dangerous manual inspections while providing more quantitative data to the owner for any column or shaft inspection.

Other Robotic Services and Inspection Services

In addition to the core portfolio above, Bureau Veritas delivers a wide array of robotic tools and inspection services. These offerings bring fast, accurate, and cost-efficient solutions to help you proactively protect your assets and make timely repairs.
• Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
• Aerial drones
• Tanks and pipelines
• Railroad bridge inspections
• Laser vibrometer inspections
• Parking garage inspections
• Water control structure inspections
• Construction engineering & inspections CEI, CWI
• Robotic flare stack guy wire inspections
• Drawbridge inspections
• Shipyard inspections
• Forensic inspections

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