Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

Bureau Veritas organizes various volunteer events across the US and Canada for employees to participate in annually. Employees are also given a paid volunteer day and are encouraged to organize additional volunteering events. Some of our annual events are described below.

Bedford, NS

The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Program is a gift-giving program that brings Christmas gifts to children in need. Contacts are made to businesses asking them to support the Angel Giving Tree Program. Small Christmas trees and tags labeled either “Girl” or “Boy”, with ages, are given to the businesses that agree to participate. On a designated date, a driver will pick up the toys and deliver them to a warehouse for sorting and packing for the Christmas Hamper Program.

The Bedford Lab have been participating in this program for many years. It is a great opportunity to help those less fortunate in our community. Quite a few of our staff members get involved with this program and it is a lot of fun seeing the different toys that are brought in. We believe that every child should have something to smile about Christmas morning!

Montreal, QC

Dans la Rue was founded over 30 years ago by “Father Pops”, who delivered food, clothes and toiletries to homeless youths in the city of Montreal. Today the organization has grown and continues to support the homeless with volunteer crews that work from 7:30pm -1:00am, five days a week. The volunteers are also there to listen to youths and adults (between the ages of 12-25 years old) that may have no one else to talk to.

Bureau Veritas employees have been helping Dans la Rue for the past six years. Our staff has a personal connection to one Dans la Rue volunteer, Mathew, who has dedicated his life to this initiative. His contributions continue to inspire us to support this charity. During a time when the number of homeless people is on the rise, this cause is as important as ever. We have donated not only food and money, but also toys and clothing. We have even been able to donate bicycles to some very appreciative youths. Our Montreal staff is truly helping to make a difference at this special time of year.

Edmonton, AB

The Edmonton Food bank provides meals to families throughout the city and surrounding areas during the holiday season. Our Edmonton Petroleum lab has created fun and participant-driven activities to bring food and donations to the foundation every year. Last year, we had a huge turnout at all of our fundraising events which included initiatives such as 50/50 raffles and a pizza lunch. In addition, a food trolley travelled throughout the building multiple times per week to pick up donations from our staff. We have many volunteers who help with creating and managing these events every year. For the 2020 Holiday season, we will be adding extra safety precautions to ensure we are still able to support this wonderful organization.