International Shipping (GSIT)

Fuels Compliance Oversight

The new US EPA 40 CFR 1090 fuels regulations bring additional challenges in managing an ever-changing regulatory environment. Having a trusted partner with expert knowledge of regulatory compliance is recommended to help guide and navigate the US EPA 40 CFR 1090 fuels requirements. Bureau Veritas has vast regulatory knowledge and experience within North America, specializing in the management of regulated fuel imports and exports to and from Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

With decades of experience, our local team can create viable and compliant product quality assurance and control programs—helping to ensure your domestic and imported fuel products are compliant and meet stringent governmental regulations.  Your trusted agent, Bureau Veritas delivers a full-service regulatory management solution providing compliance testing and reporting critical results to the appropriate agencies and to support credit trading programs.

Compliance, Inspection, and Testing Services:

  • Safety is an absolute and Bureau Veritas has a superior HSSE record
  • Overseas independent surveyor for Foreign Renewable Fuels Refiners and other producers
  • Independent laboratory services for National Sampling and Testing Oversight Program defense
  • Development and execution of Certified Butane quality assurance programs
  • Development and execution of Certified Pentane quality assurance programs
  • EPA Renewable Fuels credit trading programs analytical support
  • Management and oversight of fuels products imported by vessel, rail, or truck
  • Generation and review of certificates of analysis for accuracy and conformance to specifications
  • Submit reports to EPA CDX on behalf of obligated parties and fuels producers
  • Submit inspection reports to our clients for all such field operations
  • US Customs and Border Protection Accredited and Approved facilities   

All of our services are backed by a team of professionals on a 24/7 basis—teams who bring years of industry experience specific to regulated fuels management.