Public Works Services

Public Works Services

At Bureau Veritas, we specialize in providing plan review and inspection for jurisdictions across the nation across all types of public works projects. These services ensure roads, sanitary sewer systems, site drainage, and utilities are designed and constructed in accordance with state and local requirements. The breadth of services we are able to provide during both the planning phase and the plan review phase allows us a unique perspective to better service the municipality and the development community by heading off timely and costly delays. We can also provide public agencies with the adoption of development standards to assist with compliance with state laws and local ordinances. Our team will proactively ensure exceptional customer service, compliance requirements, as well as seamlessly serve as an extension of the client’s staff.  

It is essential to have appropriate quality, health, safety and environmental practices in place. This is even more important as the need for electrical power as well as efficient water supply and waste management facilities increases throughout the world. From design to construction and operation, and ultimately to decommissioning, Bureau Veritas provides you full support to get compliant and to reduce your risks as far as quality, health, safety, and environmental issues are concerned. 

We are also experienced with disaster recovery processes for public works. We team with public agencies to provide their community with immediate inspection and damage assessment services. Partnering with us allows public agencies to gain immediate access resources to allow them to assess the damage and provide the critical inspections needed to regain power and water supplies. 

Key benefits of our public works services

  • Expert team of professional engineers and Grade C groundwater inspectors 

  • Personalized service with close communication  

  • Extensive industry experience and a track record of success in the industry 

  • Adherence to best practices