Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

In today’s global marketplace, product quality and safety are critical for those in the food products industry. Whether you are involved in catering/hospitality, retail, manufacturing, processing, or producing; regulatory compliance, and consumer satisfaction are keys to success. Having products meet the required safety, regulatory, and government standards while maintaining overall quality, is essential in the food industry. We offer an extensive range of food safety testing services to ensure consumers are protected and that your brand is maintained.

Additionally, consumers are increasingly looking for assurance that the food they purchase is safe and risk-free. Retailers now expect and require their suppliers to demonstrate that the food products they provide are safe, making the safety of food products crucial for those in the industry.

For every type of organization, from animal feed to products on a supermarket shelf, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services to ensure food safety throughout the food chain.


FOOD Science & safety


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