Climate Change and the Future of Construction & Building Design

Commercial Due Diligence & Real Estate Services

Finding a technical partner is a difficult process. Finding one with complete expertise and availability is almost impossible. Almost.

The environmental and engineering team at Bureau Veritas offers expertise from the roof of your building to the seismic potential below the surface. We compile accurate, reliable information to help you manage risk during commercial real estate transactions and throughout property management.

Our goals are your goals and our timing is your timing. You can trust our team to deliver impartial data when you need it most.​

BV is the most universally accepted provider of third-party due diligence reporting. Our investment-grade reports set capital markets benchmarks for clarity, consistency, ease of review, and portability among lending parties, rating agencies, investors, and servicers.

Core Services for AcquisItions & Finance

Bureau Veritas is a leading provider of environmental assessments with decades of experience and expertise.  ​

BV is widely regarded as the most scalable, consistent, and timely provider of Environmental Site Assessments for portfolios of all sizes, types, and geography. Clients count on BV’s national team of experts for gathering, reporting, and delivering information crucial to identifying and evaluating environmental conditions. Deep in-house expertise gives stakeholders timely access to information that can be trusted to make informed decisions.  

When you need to acquire a property, BV has the team and the resources you need!

Proactive Planning

Keeping your portfolio ready for any turn of events is key. Our Team at BV can help you develop a timeline of all the services needed to keep buildings in top condition and up to date.

Bureau Veritas' team of certified experts performs investment-grade energy audits, energy modeling, benchmarking, and renewable energy feasibility to help you prioritize your energy goals, become more energy-efficient, achieve corporate sustainability goals, and, ultimately, uncover opportunities to save money over the lifespan of your portfolio. BV’s team of Architects, Multi-Disciplined Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, and Building Analysts have provided thousands of clients with unbiased life cycle analyses of their facilities.

Reactive Planning

Sometimes life and the elements take us by surprise and water damage can pose serious threats of contamination to buildings of all types. It can occur for a number of reasons, store damage and from pipe corrosion and clogged lines to broken seals and excess water pressure, whether or not the result of storm damage. Bureau Veritas' thorough water intrusion assessments consist of room-by-room documentation of the damage to all surfaces, as well as the façade and roof. Let BV’s experts handle your water intrusion assessments to keep your properties free from water damage.