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At BV, we are not a software company, we are a management company, and with that, you get decades of industry-leading expertise in exactly what your company is trying to accomplish. You get the full backing of that expertise/best practices/lessons learned applied to a solution that will help streamline your company processes with the ongoing support of a development team.

Protrack Reimagined for 2022

Protrack Reimagined for 2022500,000+ ProTrack Managed Projects Sites used by more than 3,500 current ProTrack Professionals!


Curated for Professionals by Professionals!

Unlike traditional construction management software that is currently on the market, ProTrack is powered by low-code software.

This means,  ProTrack's turnaround time - from contract to implementation -  is on average between 4-6 weeks. Competitive products lead time typically is between 4-6 months. There is no code to deploy or maintain and the ease of ability to make changes to the application lowers the total cost of ownership.
ProTrack is a highly scalable platform capable of supporting hundreds of solutions.
Bureau Veritas provides ProTrack construction project management software as a value-added solution that lets clients share data quickly and easily—from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.  

BV's customizable Web-based platform is updatable in real time, with a collaborative, secure environment and full range of features, including multi-site tracking, secure log-ins, and automatically-generated reports. ProTrack allows control of your construction project and can streamline every aspect of project management, all while providing cost savings and peace of mind.  

key benefits of BV's ProTrack Web-based solutions are:

  • Developed & managed in-house

  • Used by 3,500+ stand-alone users and 150+ clients

  • Secure, stable cloud platform

  • 100% customizable & integrates into your systems

  • Intuitive interface & navigation

  • Storing/sharing data from any device

  • Real-time project updates

  • Multi-site tracking and reporting

What protrack does:

  • Real Estate Life Cycle Management

    • Dashboard & Reporting 

    • Site Pipeline Support

    • Site Management

  • Construction Project Management

    • Project Management​

    • New Construction Dashboard

    • Milestone Tracking 

    • Survey Management Dashboard

    • Pre-Con Management

  • Capital Planning Management​

    • Dashboard Reporting

    • Asset Tracking & Management 

    • Annual Condition Assessments

  • Close Out Management​

    • Punchlist Dashboard 

    • Mobile Punchlist

  • Cross-Platform Features

    • Approval Automation​

    • Workflow Automation 

    • Document Management

BV provides services across the real estate life cycle, including:

  • ADA Assessments & Compliance
  • Capital Planning
  • Energy Studies
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Renovations

ProTrack is a highly scalable platform capable of supporting hundreds of solutions. Schedule a demo today!


With mobile construction management software, your construction team stays updated in real-time. RFIs don’t need to drag on, punch lists can be managed on the spot, and approvals are no longer a bottleneck. Key players can act right from their device wherever they are, especially when it matters most. Location is no longer a constraint on your construction project success​.

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ProTrack Solutions:

  • Native app for Apple and Android

  • Vendor management & directory

  • Realtime updates and automatic push notifications  

  • Create punch lists, complete/verify items and attach photos

  • Quickly markup & approve documents 

  • Create, route, approve and close RFIs

  • Site schedule viewing and management

  • Streamline communication and keep discussions in one place while on the road

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Protrack Mobile Solutions

  • View your digital To-Do lists that are linked to your personal dashboard

  • Access construction drawings & blueprints easily from your phone or tablet

  • Upload & mark up photos right from the site

  • Route and approve submittals

  • Daily field reports for project managers & superintendents

  • Track personnel, events, equipment, and bad weather days

  • Document management

Strategic Sourcing manager

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Overall...the move into ProTrack was seamless, and has provided me with exceptional and cohesive reporting for the system and I look forward to further utilizing it for our service categories.