Site Investigation Reports

Site Investigation Reports

Prior to building, site investigation reports are performed to determine whether site conditions are suitable for development projects. BV’s Site Investigation Report (SIR) Services team works with property owners, developers, and designers to investigate a variety of conditions, including site history, engineering, zoning, site development process, permit and impact fees, parking, utilities, and permitting. Our team meets with local approving agencies and/or municipalities to further research feasibility and completes detailed and accurate reports based on our findings.

Key benefits of our Site Investigation Reports

  • More than 500 technical experts nationwide who investigate everything from site history, engineering, zoning, and developer design criteria to parking, signage, utilities, and permitting 

  • Identification of potential obstacles to permitting and building 

  • Consistency in report formats and executive summary matrices 

  • Timely delivery of accurate, detailed reports based on investigation findings