Capital Planning

Capital Planning

Capital planning shouldn’t stop at facility condition assessments and energy studies.  
As a facility manager or owner, accurate and actionable information on buildings is required, but a process to manage the data, prioritize projects, and maintain budgets is essential. BV assists with the prioritization of expansion and modernization projects while making sure budgets are adequately planned for repairs and routine maintenance. Based on available capital and projected budgets, BV can assist you in prioritizing recommended repairs and developing project phasing plans. Read our FCA and Capital Planning Blog here

Bureau Veritas understands that developing a clear picture of the timing and cost of building component maintenance and replacement is vital to better understand and manage facilities. BV will identify and prioritize your long-range capital needs as well as the predictive, routine, and preventive maintenance cycles and associated costs.  

BV has decades of expertise with both private and public sector clients that can assist facility professionals with creating an executable plan, create expenditure budgets, and make informed decisions. Facility Managers trust Bureau Veritas to assist them in successfully developing a Capital Plan to manage the maintenance and compliance of their real estate portfolio.  

Key benefits of our Capital Planning services

  • Experienced team of experts providing national coverage

  • In-house Professional Engineers, Registered Architects, and certified Energy Managers
  • Proprietary capital planning and portfolio reporting software
  • Ability to develop prioritized, long-range plans, and incorporate energy paybacks and priorities


  • A 5-10- or 20+ year plan
  • Identification of critical repairs and life safety issues
  • Identification of deferred maintenance issues and estimates for immediate and capital repair costs
  • Consideration of current improvement projects and those completed within the last five-years
  • A list of capital projects; equipment and component replacements needed
  • A ranking or scoring of projects
  • Cost estimates
  • Cost table sorted by building and system and ranked by priority for repair
  • Recommended schedule for replacement or repairs
  • A timetable*** and budget to move forward with focus.