Site Condition Surveys

Site Condition Surveys

When you need to make important capital planning and budgeting decisions regarding repairs, renewals, and replacements, Bureau Veritas is the solution. We perform pre-acquisition, pre-renovation, and pre-construction site condition surveys and deliver accurate, timely data on the condition of your facilities. Our proprietary asset management solutions collect and analyze all data so you can quickly make informed decisions. 

Key benefits of our Site Condition Surveys

  • Experienced, knowledgeable team that has conducted thousands of site condition surveys 

  • Consistent results that eliminate the need to coordinate dozens of local vendors 

  • Unbiased assessment with no upselling or vested interest in results 

  • Prioritization of repairs and replacements for budget and capital planning 

  • Consultations to learn your specific needs and review survey findings 

  • Experience with a variety of buildings, including government buildings, commercial buildings, school campuses, healthcare facilities, aviation complexes, and park sites