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Bureau Veritas brings a 200-year history in providing reliable testing, inspection, and certification services for our clients around the world. This includes those working in the Exploration and Mining industries, where our 100 laboratories strategically located in 27 countries are serving most major mining and mineral regions with analytic testing that adheres to internationally recognized standards and customer-specific methodologies.

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Accurate, timely, and ultra-low level analytical analyses are essential to mine operations, from exploration through to processing and closure or reclamation. Our clients rely on Bureau Veritas to help them meet regulatory requirements, such as the MDMER, and manage costs. We have been providing testing and scientific expertise in acid rock drainage, radioactivity, and trace element analysis, ecotoxicology, and environmental chemistry for more than 50 years.

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Quality sample preparation is one of the most critical parts of our business, since correct preparation is required to obtain correct results. Bureau Veritas routinely processes a wide range of sample types including rocks, drill core, drill cuttings, soils, stream sediments, till, clay, and water. Our wide range of tests includes everything from fire assay for precious metals to inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and ICP-mass spectrometry.

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