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SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA)

To first understand SMETA, you first have to understand is SEDEX?  SEDEX stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. SEDEX is the world-leading ethical trade membership organization. It is the largest collaborative platform that allows businesses across industries to tackle Corporate Social responsibility issues by sharing responsible sourcing data about suppliers. 

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is Sedex’s proprietary auditing methodology to assess all aspects of supplier and supply chain responsibility. 

The Benefits of a SMETA Audit

Independent social compliance audits help companies understand the key sustainability issues they face and enable them to mitigate risks throughout their supply chain. 

  • Show to your customers that you comply with the highest social international standards    
  • Reduce the audit fatigue by being audited one time and share the results with your multiple clients 
  • Engage yourself and show to your employee that you are committed to workplace condition 
  • Improvement and increase your company’s performance  
  • Protect and boost your reputation in your market 

Why choose Bureau Veritas to conduct your SMETA audit?  

Bureau Veritas Certification proposes SMETA 4 pillar audits to assess your supply chain compliance versus: 

  • Labor Standards

  • Health & Safety

  • Environment

  • Business Ethics

Once the audits are completed and approved, Bureau Veritas Certification provides a report which can be posted on the Sedex’s collaborative platform. We pride ourselves on having a large network of auditors recruited upon the highest Sedex’s requirement and conducting thousands of SMETA audits each year. Bureau Veritas also ensures compliance with most of AIM progress members code of conduct programs. 

Webinar: Using social compliance audits to ensure ethical sourcing

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