International Shipping (GSIT)

International Trade

Your business is in international trading operations, and our Government Services & International Trade (GSIT) services aim to reduce the risks involved. International trade is increasingly complex due to fast-changing regulations imposed by individual countries, governments, and third parties. Whether buying or selling at national or international levels, traders (including producers, exporters, importers, banks, and insurance companies), government bodies, and international organizations need to be protected during ownership transfer.

Through our Government Services & International Trade division, we are one of the leading providers of import control and inspection services, performing tasks such as the pre- and post-shipment inspection of goods in various fields.

We also implement and operate Trade Facilitation single windows which automate, optimize, and secure business processes of public and private stakeholders as per the United Nations and World Customs Organisation recommendations.

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Some of our services:

  • PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection - Government and Voluntary)
  • Verification of Conformity (VOC)
  • Single Window
  • Monitoring of transport vehicles
  • Customs Classification Code Services
  • General Trade
  • Network audit
  • Automotive Services
  • Supply Chain Security Services
  • Authorized Economic Operator Assessment & Assistance (AEO)