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SafeGuard with BV


Jan. 1 2021

Mitigate Risk & Ensure Compliance

Leverage a best-in-class safety & hygiene program


5 step process to receive SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence certification

  • Develop Hygiene & Safety Guidelines

    Develop Hygiene & Safety Guidelines

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    Detailed safety guides to mitigate and prevent risk. Bureau Veritas will review any existing hygiene guides you have and compare them with our Bureau Veritas’ SafeGuardTM hygiene excellence and safety guidelines to mitigate and prevent risks.

  • Train your team

    Create communication & train your team

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    Create communication/training kits to educate all employees on good hygiene practices and protocols (including e-Learning and other platforms).

  • Ensure Compliance

    Ensure Compliance Through Independent 3rd Party Audit

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    Voluntary application to earn BV’s SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label to demonstrate a business, building, or office is in compliance, thus providing an extra layer of assurance to the general public.

  • Achieve the SafeGuard label

    Achieve the SafeGuard label

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    Complete initial audits of hygiene protocols and operational requirements, including the option for surface testing and unannounced ‘secret shopper’ visits. Upon approval, issuance of SafeGuardTM Label for display of best in class hygiene and safety protocols, and entry to the public traceability portal.

  • Market your success

    Market your success

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    We promote our partners who have achieved the Bureau Veritas SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label through our public facing SafeGuardTM traceability website. Brands that have achieved the label have the opportunity to be included on our official external website, boasting the compliance of all hygiene and safety protocol to visiting and potential patrons.


We partner with our clients to build a custom continuity program to mitigate COVID-19 risk and ensure safety.

Pricing of the SafeGuard Services. Field Audit from $475. Virtual Audit from $375. Mystery shopping from $250. Hygiene Continuity Program from $150 a month. Hygiene Protocol Gap Analysis from $1,450. Online Training from $15 per user.

All prices are in USD, per location and vary based on location, audit duration, and complexity of the site/sector.


Where are you on your hygiene journey?

Based on your risk level, we will recommend which steps in the process is required for you to achieve your SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label. There are three levels of risk, High, Medium, and Low, and each risk level presents steps to move forward in your hygiene journey. Click below to find out more. 

The services listed below will help you and your organization ensure the safety of your employees and customers, giving them added assurance and shaping a world of trust.

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