Truck Turn Analysis for Distribution Centers

Bureau Veritas is your go-to resource for all of your truck turn analysis issues. BV will evaluate loading dock ingress, egress, and turning radius provisions for the subject properties via preliminary desktop assessment and, where requested, by onsite field assessments as described herein.

Bureau Veritas leverages technology to provide unbiased assessments & solutions for maintaining the assets in your portfolio. Bureau Veritas consistently delivers scalable, unbiased data to address property-level challenges, and offers experienced project managers nationwide to augment your capabilities. 

What truck turn services BV offers you

Option 1: Turning Radius Desktop Assessment

BV will conduct remote/desktop research to evaluate freight access, loading areas, and truck parking areas at the subject Properties. The evaluation may include the use of interviews, existing as-built drawings, site plans/ALTA surveys, Google Earth/Maps, external 3DVR renderings, property condition assessments, etc. Key considerations of the evaluation, based on the standard semi-truck sizes used in the Client’s supply chain, will include:

  • Ingress/Egress: Identify and generally evaluate the ingress/egress, and circulation route(s) serving the site and opine on the adequacy of space for safe and efficient truck maneuvering, based on minimum turning radii criteria.
  • Vertical clearances: Identify potential vertical clearance issues (e.g., bridges, tunnels, overhead utilities and signage, tree limbs, etc.) that could impede site access.
  • Blind corners: Identify potential visibility hazards such as landscaping, building dimensions, and utility infrastructure that could create safety issues with multiple vehicles, particularly where freight and customer traffic share ingress/egress and circulation routes.
  • Identify quantity, location and type of loading dock bays (e.g., flush, open, enclosed, depressed, sawtooth) to opine on adequacy for receiving deliveries based on Client protocols.
  • Identify or estimate the dimensions of the loading dock area, apron spaces, waiting/parking areas, and landing areas.
  • Interview with knowledgeable site representatives to identify known transportation issues/incidents (curb/building strikes, truck size/quantity limitations, reported accidents, etc.).  

BV will evaluate the documented dimensions or, where no dimensions are provided, remotely estimate road widths, turning area and dimensions to calculate the radii of the inner and outer semi-trailer wheel track turning paths.  Turning paths will be evaluated against published Federal, state, or commercial designs, as applicable

The deliverable will include a summary of documents reviewed, dimension results, maneuvering and turning radius calculations, field sketch, aerial imaging (where available), and recommendations/ conclusions based on Client design criteria.

Option 2: Turning Radius Field Assessment -  PCA Add-On

BV will add a Turning Radius Field Assessment to Client’s standard Property Condition Assessment (PCA). The assessment will include all Option 1 assessment elements, and will add field observations, approximate measurements, and other applicable data validation. This option assumes that the additional assessment will be completed in tandem with the PCA, and that the results will be reported within the PCA deliverable.   

Option 3: Turning Radius Field Assessment - Stand-Alone

BV will conduct a Turning Radius Field Assessment to include all Option 1 assessment elements along with field observations, approximate measurements, and other applicable data validation. This option assumes a stand-alone mobilization by a BV Field Observer, with results delivered in a summary letter report with photos and supporting documentation.