Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Services

Ensuring fire safety is crucial to saving lives. At Bureau Veritas, our Fire Safety Services encompass the necessary plan review and inspections to ensure fire safety. Depending on the building type and occupancy, an inspection or plan review can focus on building review, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, kitchen hood systems, fire site plan review, fuel storage systems, access control, and special extinguishing systems.  

Partnering with us means a high level of customer service, technical expertise, as well as in-depth experience across all areas of Fire Safety Services. Bureau Veritas teams with private and public agencies to provide their customers with a high level of customer service, in-depth experience, and technical expertise.  

Key benefits of our fire safety services

  • Knowledgeable inspection staff that includes ICC Certified Professionals 

  • Expert team of fire protection engineers and architects 

  • In-depth experience inspecting all building types and occupancies 

  • Personalized service with close communication  

  • Adherence to best practices