Existing Building Commissioning

Expanded Engineering / Design / Project Management

In existing building commissioning, our commissioning engineers develop a building operating plan that identifies current building operating requirements and needs. They conduct tests to determine whether the building and fundamental systems are performing optimally in accordance with the plan and, lastly, make any necessary changes to ensure that the building is maintained successfully over time.

BV stays informed about emerging engineering trends and engineering management trends as relevant and up to date knowledge is crucial for our experts. Increasing knowledge in areas such as data analytics can significantly benefit individuals and organizations involved in engineering and project management.

BV knows that expanded engineering, design, and project management are crucial components of successful construction projects. Effective project management involves developing a comprehensive project brief, creating a clear project plan, and establishing consistent communication. Detailed engineering design plays a pivotal role in providing the blueprint for construction, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. Writing an effective design report is essential for conveying project specifications and requirements. Additionally, staying informed about emerging engineering trends is crucial to adapting to industry advancements and delivering innovative solutions.

By considering these factors, BV can help ensure successful project outcomes and contribute to the growth and development of your construction project.

Expanded engineering, design, and project management encompass various aspects of the construction process and aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of these disciplines. When it comes to project management for construction, detailed engineering design plays a crucial role in providing the blueprint for construction and estimating costs. Effective project management involves understanding the perspectives of different participants, including owners who have a vested interest in avoiding coordination and communication problems between specialists. By understanding the entire project management process, professionals can respond effectively to owners' desires, enhance marketing strategies, and improve productivity and work quality.

Key benefits of our existing building commissioning work

  • Coordination with design and construction teams throughout the commissioning process
  • Assurance of long-term uptime of data center facilities
  • Utilization of industry best practices
  • Optimization of site performance to minimize human error risks