As a successful retailer, you must position yourself properly to master this highly dynamic marketplace that is increasingly connected, global, competitive, regulated, and customer-experience centric. Bureau Veritas has a long history of partnering with retail establishments, retail centers, distribution and logistic centers, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, banks, grocery stores, and automotive retailers to maximize the performance and value of your real estate across the life cycle of your portfolios. From brand rollouts to remodels, we’ll serve as your strategic partner.  

Regulatory changes, bottom-line pressures, and disruptive technologies drive the need to harness additional resources to ensure a positive ROI. Bureau Veritas' expertise, ability to deliver consistent, scalable results across a wide variety of projects, and unwavering reliability ensure that projects and programs are completed on time, regardless of the size of the portfolio or geographic dispersion.  

Leading retail brands trust BV as their single-source partner for every stage in the life cycle of their portfolios, including:


Key benefits for retail establishments of all sizes

  • Experience working with the world’s leading retailers, from Target to The Home Depot
  • Expertise in supporting business growth and enhancing performance and reputation
  • National team of subject matter experts and project managers
  • Integrated and scalable operational processes and technologies
  • Efficient, cost-effective solutions & responsive service with quick turnaround