Certifications & Accreditations

Certifications & Accreditations

Bureau Veritas has a network of accredited laboratories in Canada and the US that run environmental and industrial hygiene analytical tests on the following scopes of accreditation. View our location-based accreditations, certifications, licenses and permits from SCC, AIHA LAP, NVLAP*, MOECC, CFIA, EWQA, USDA, A2LA and other accreditation bodies.

*Mississauga, On NVLAP Lab Code 600136-0
*Burnaby, BC NVLAP Lab Code 600163-0
*Novi, MI NVLAP Lab Code 600347-0

15Accredited Environmental Laboratories
39Environmental Accreditations
11Accredited Food Laboratories
14Food Accreditations
Industrial Hygiene Accredited Lab June 2023

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