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Agricultural Inspection & Testing

Grain Grading & Laboratory Testing

Bureau Veritas performs grain grading and laboratory testing according to client specifications and government standards, such as USDA and CGC. Laboratory results are commonly used by our clients for a variety of purposes including exporting agricultural goods or meeting their internal quality control needs. 

Bureau Veritas specializes in performing the following agriculture lab tests for grains such as soybeans, corn and wheat:

  • Proximate analysis (protein, fat, fiber, ash and moisture)
  • Mycotoxins (aflatoxin, vomitoxin and other prevalent mycotoxins)
  • Chemical, contaminant and microbiological analyses
  • Gluten testing

Vessel Supervision

With an extensive global network of over 140 countries, Bureau Veritas can survey the same goods at loading, transhipment and discharge ports for clients importing or exporting to any country. Our operations team assists clients in minimizing commercial risk by monitoring condition, quality, and quantity as products are moved.

Our vessel supervision services include:

  • Supervision of the cargo's condition and visual checks during loading operations
  • Supervision of weighing during loading operations
  • Vessel draft surveys and quantity verification of commodities
  • Cleanliness inspection of vessel cargo holds and hatches prior to loading 
  • Sealing vessel hatches/holds
  • Drawing samples for laboratory analysis
  • Witness of fumigation

Container Inspections

We offer inspections for all types of commodities that move via shipping container, including everything from common agricultural commodities to frozen goods. Our full suite of services includes:

  • Sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Weight verification
  • Packaging and label verification
  • Label/lot verification
  • Affix tamper seals onto fully loaded containers
  • Visual verification on the condition of the cargo
  • Temperature monitoring where applicable

Inspections & Damage Surveys

Through onsite inspections, we draw samples from loads to report on conditions such as temperature and other damage control measures. Our inspectors also verify details such as shipment weight, quality and condition of the goods as well as its cargo container. These inspections are conducted at the elevator or warehouse and wherever necessary throughout its journey across vessels, containers, barges, trains or trucks.

Pre-shipment Inspections

Bureau Veritas is approved to conduct pre-shipment inspections by several governmental bodies across multiple continents for international trade. This allows clients to verify the quality of your products and environmental conditions of the shipping container at time of loading. 

Onsite services

With the implementation of an onsite laboratory, Bureau Veritas conducts frequent testing with same day results to help you ensure the quality of your grains are maintained. Our full suite of laboratory services enables us to be a true partner, focusing on reliability and efficiency in your day to day operations. 

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