Vertical Transport (VTE) Consulting

Vertical Transportation Services

Bureau Veritas Vertical Transportation (VTE) consulting, inspections and test witnessing services enable maintenance personnel to implement preventive maintenance practices to ensure reliable operations and extend the life of the equipment. Implementing a successful maintenance program will assist in identifying problems, schedule service for correcting them, and prevent costly downtime and repairs.

Take action now. Prevent costly downtime and repairs.

Predictive maintenance practices utilize a “condition-based” approach for determining when maintenance is warranted, taking into consideration equipment application and operating environment. Routinary inspections combined with condition monitoring for elevators, escalators, moving walks, and other vertical transportation equipment allows maintenance personnel to identify and correct problems before it is too late. 

Our team of asset reliability experts, inspectors, and consultants offer services that include: 

Design Maintenance

•     Traffic Analysis 
•     Construction Documents 
•     Bid Assistance/Tendering 
•     Construction Services 

•    Contract Review/Preparation 
•    Equipment Assessment 
•    Performance Reporting 
•    Bid Assistance/Tendering 

Modernization Acquisition

•     Equipment Survey 
•     Code Compliance Review 
•     Specifications 
•     Bid Assistance/Tendering 
•     Construction Services 

•    Asset Review 
•    Capital Planning
•    Acquisition Report

Key benefits of our vertical transport consulting work

  • Employee and public safety assurance
  • Compliance with federal, state & local jurisdictions
  • Satisfaction of insurance carrier requirements
  • Prompt support with consistent service & turnaround
  • Available technical assistance to help achieve compliance