State Specific

State Specialty

In addition to federal and local guidelines, states are able to set their own regulations for code compliance related to building safety, plan review and design, as well as fire safety. We specialize in providing a full range of municipal building and safety services, tailored to the particular needs of the jurisdiction for each client. Our team of professional personnel and our technical resources allow us to provide complete building department administration for jurisdictions large and small.  

Staffing for jurisdictions is available, from field inspectors to building officials. We partner with existing jurisdiction teams in a way that best complements their effort and talents. In some instances, providing a plan review engineer "behind the counter" for two days a week is enough, while in other jurisdictions, the need may be a complete building department staff onsite for several years. 

Our most important asset is the depth of experience of our staff. Our experienced project team has worked directly with jurisdictions in a variety of capacities for over fifteen years.  They are familiar and comfortable working at the fast-changing pace of a growing city and within evolving building departments. Their experience will help solve your problems without having to go through the trial and error approach.  

At Bureau Veritas, our facilities team is knowledgeable of state-specific mandates for a variety of locations, including Florida, California, Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Additionally, we have staff members who maintain state-specific licenses for Florida, California, Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania. 

Key benefits of our state specific services

  • ICC Certified Professionals knowledgeable of individual state mandates 

  • In-depth experience inspecting all building types, occupancies, and public works projects 

  • Personalized service with close communication  

  • Adherence to best practices 

  • Expert team of professional engineers that includes structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, and fire protection along with licensed architects 

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