Fleet Electrification

Fleet Electrification

Bureau Veritas is a leader when it comes to Fleet Electrification. BV's Fleet Electrification is being driven by innovations in batteries, energy solutions, and government regulation of transport pollution and Bureau Veritas is here to offer  EV Charging solutions.  

As EVC innovation becomes the new normal BV can assist with efficient fleet electrification program roll outs. Fleet Electrification focuses on light-duty utility & delivery vehicles, municipal fleets, bus fleets, rental car fleets, and much more.  

As a preferred strategic partner of EV charging deployments, BV can help implement the electrification of fleets. From site planning and design to routine maintenance inspection, BV’s best-in-class EV team can be a strategic partner. 

  • Site Validation

    Site identification and validation based on requirements, research, and demographics. Provide concept plan for evaluation. BV knows careful consideration of physical space and power supply is critical.

  • Permitting


    Provide proposed layout and specification to the landowner for approval. Determine types of chargers to be installed on-site (Level I, Level 2, DCFC). It’s important to consider growth over 5-10 years (and longer)to anticipate power capacity for a facility.

  • Utility Coordination & Due Diligence

    Utility Coordination & Due Diligence

    Confirm civil, electrical, permit, and plan check requirements. Discuss with local municipality about grading, parking configuration, lighting, ADA, security, and site power issues. Determine charging loads and power delivery. Determine micro-grid technology if applicable. Due diligence with local governing agencies and utilities to determine process and application requirements. 

  • Design, Design Review & Engineering

    Design, Design Review  & Engineering

    Develop construction documents (Civil, Architectural, Structural, and Electrical). Plans and specifications are based on customer, property owners, EVC manufacturer, AHJ's, and local utility company.  Create scope of work that meets specifications and bid to multiple contractors. Review bids with client and award based on best value.

  • Construction Project Management

    Construction Project  Management

    Coordinate project stakeholders including designers, contractors, property owners, AHJ's, and utilities. Provide site visits, construction management, and QA/QC.

    Create scope of work that meets specifications and bid to multiple contractors. Review bids with client and award based on best value.

  • Commissioning & Closeout


    Create punch list, manage completion of project, and recommend payment/retainage release.  Perform M&V as part of Commissioning process upon energization to confirm operability is per specifications

  • Turnkey Installs

    BV  offers Turnkey construction and installation for your EV project. Our solutions drastically simplify EV projects for all types of EV owner. 

  • Warranty Walks

    Once your project is near completion, we will walk through the project sites with you to help you learn about maintenance and upkeep responsibilities that are very important to the lifecycle of your EV Charging facility. 


    Once your site is close to completion, BV will complete a Go-Back Program where we'll ensure your equipment is running well, that equipment is explained; we'll go over each detail until you're comfortable and understand warranty and post-warranty and regular maintenance details. 


    BV Is here to that your EV Charging stations can pass all testing and verification to ensure the continued adoption of electric vehicles, a seamless charging experience with any vehicle and supply equipment is important. For this reason, strict standard conformance is at the core to achieve seamless interoperability of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), vehicles, and back-office systems.


    Once installed, BV facilitates a digitized maintenance program that includes planned and preventative monitoring and routine corrective, cost-saving procedures. 

BV Fleet Electrification