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Manufacturing asset management (MAM) encompasses the entire lifecycle of plant assets, from equipment and parts to production lines and plant buildings. By creating a template to manage these assets, facilities can achieve top value and ensure optimal performance. Bureau Veritas helps you understand the importance of MAM in the context of facilities, highlighting its benefits and the role it plays in driving efficiency and success.

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Implementing manufacturing asset management practices is essential for enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring optimal performance in facilities. By identifying potential issues, proactively addressing them, and reducing the risk of equipment failures, MAM plays a crucial role in optimizing operations. Additionally, by extending the lifespan of assets, allocating resources effectively, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, asset management contributes to the long-term success and sustainability of manufacturing facilities. Embracing asset management practices is a wise investment that yields substantial benefits, allowing facilities to achieve maximum value from their assets and stay ahead in today's competitive manufacturing landscape.


  • FCA
    Facility Condition Assessments support asset management life cycle planning. BV’s team of Architects, Multi-Disciplined Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, and Building Analysts have provided thousands of clients with unbiased life cycle analyses of their facilities. Expertise that spans multiple industries and building types allows facility managers to trust Bureau Veritas’ professional opinions and recommendations. Professionals with specific knowledge of the unique conditions of Government, Education, Private, Industrial, and Commercial properties are appropriately resourced. Field investigations confirm existing conditions, deficiencies, and provide differential maintenance recommendations for all sites, buildings, building systems, and infrastructure

  • CMMS
    Best-in-class Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) solutions integrate spare parts management, purchasing, and asset lifecycle management. CMMS software will organize the core functions of a maintenance program. The minimum requirements of a functional system include an asset registry, support for work orders, and a forecasting capability related capital planning (either internal or through integration with a financial system).

    Detailed Inventory of facility equipment and parts populates the asset registry. Facility Managers are aware of the importance of a CMMS requiring accurate inventory of equipment, assets, and building systems. BV’s data collection services are the answer to streamlining the work order process and maintenance programs.  

    BV’s dedicated Program and Project Managers help clients plan and execute 1000s of projects per year. Expert teams of construction project management specialists provide local knowledge on a national scale for clients in a variety of sectors. Please click here to see our latest project highlight case study!

    Preventive Maintenance Plans define the workflow, establish staffing levels, and optimize work scheduling. At Bureau Veritas, we have built a solid reputation based on the strength of our engineering services. We bring considerable management, technical, and creative ability to every project. Whether it’s civil, structural, resident, or mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) engineering, our expert team of professional engineers utilizes innovative and scalable processes to optimize resources, shorten timelines, lower costs, and increase efficiency while meeting industry and government regulations.

  • MAM
    Manufacturing Asset Management connects