Bureau Veritas Customer Portal on Tablet

Customer Portal

Manage Your Sampling Program Online Through the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal provides access to real-time information from the convenience of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. With the portal in your pocket, you can stay up to speed, order, submit and review while on the move.

Online Ordering

  • Order tests
  • Sampling supplies (bottles, vials, swabs)
  • Customized preprinted labels
  • 3-Click repeat orders

Ordering online is easy – select the tests you require, and order supplies based on test selection or by container or media. Save your favorite orders by keeping them pinned to your dashboard for repeat orders, or set a schedule for recurring orders.

Electronic COC (eCOC)

  • Customizable templates
  • Submission consistency
  • Reduction in errors
  • Offline capabilities

eCOC templates not only save time and effort, but they also reduce data entry errors. eCOC templates can also be customized during the submission entry and can be modified at any time – even while samples are in transit to the lab.

Custom Reports

  • Access data 24/7
  • Merge submission data
  • Results exceedance criteria

Whether you need a comprehensive report or a quick snapshot of your program’s performance, you can effortlessly merge results from multiple submissions and add regulatory or other criteria to create customized reports.

Other Features

  • Team collaboration
  • Pay invoices
  • Track project spend

Collaborating is easy – share and review orders, sampling and testing requirements, submissions, results and more in just a few clicks. Track your project spend and pay invoices to simplify the process of managing your analytical budget.

For detailed FAQ, visit our knowledge base.

First Time User?

As the Customer Portal is an extension of our LIMS system, all historical data, job files, invoices and reports are available as soon as you sign up and login.

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