BV Mission Critical

BV Mission Critical

BV Mission Critical is the leading provider of data center commissioning, operational consulting and quality control/quality assurance services in the world. Our services span the complete lifecycle of a data center from project inception through ongoing operations. This global suite of services provides our clients with a value proposition that is truly unparalleled in our industry. These services are backed up by Bureau Veritas’ Green Line Services and Solutions in which we help clients execute effective sustainability strategies as companies become more aware of their environmental impact and desire to operate in a more responsible way for the future of our planet. 

Key benefits of BV Mission Critical’s third-party services

  • Programming Phase Services: Owner Project Requirement (OPR) and Basis of Design (BOD)

  • Design Phase Services: Independent Third-Party Design Review

  • Construction Inspection Services: MEP-focused Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)

  • Acceptance Phase Services: Testing, Validation, and Documentation of all MEP, Controls

    Systems, and Sequences of Operations (SOOs)

  • Occupancy Phase Services: Training and documentation, transition to operations, ongoing maintenance planning, operational procedure development, and change management