Remote Inspections

Remote Inspections

Bureau Veritas has deployed remote inspection, remote supervision, and augmented inspection services in multiple use cases and business units around the world. We are pleased to be in a position to leverage this experience to help evolve the way we do business with our clients to elevate safety, quality, and efficiency during this difficult time.

We strongly believe in the long term value of these digital platforms and in their potential to change how inspection and verification services are executed. The circumstances we are faced with as a society will be a catalyst to help drive the adoption of the new service, but once the ease of use and value creation is experienced first-hand, we expect that it will become a standard component of inspection programs. 

Our Remote Inspection services ensure we can:   

  • Keep our employees and customers safe by eliminating direct contact and adhering to social distancing best practices
  • Keep critical tasks moving forward in the face of travel restrictions and site access restrictions

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