Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

Bureau Veritas is an international leader in air quality testing, with the ability to detect an ultratrace level of hazardous compounds in various air quality testing disciplines, and provide expert analysis. These capabilities are a part of our comprehensive Green Line Services and Solutions, designed to specifically address the many dynamic and complex environmental and sustainability challenges that companies face today. No matter what your goals are with regard to air quality, our Green Line will empower you to implement, measure, and achieve sustainable practices for a greener future.

Ambient Air

From preparing field sampling media to collecting air, Bureau Veritas has extensive experience with all phases of collection-related analysis for particulates and organics. We are internationally recognized in data reliability for many analyses, including TSP or PM10, as well as metals and dustfall measurement. Additionally, Bureau Veritas analyzes a comprehensive list of organic compounds including dioxins and furans, PCBs, semi-volatiles and low level VOC analysis using SUMMA canisters.

Soil Vapor

Bureau Veritas offers assistance in the collection and testing of soil gas (vapor) for a wide range of compounds including VOCs, aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, and matrix gases. Our laboratory supplies sampling tubes (charcoal, treated media, thermal desorption) and SUMMA canisters, plus fittings. The detection limits for our analyses meet applicable regional regulations and also support many national guidelines.

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