Green Property Condition Assessments

With the increasing focus on energy conservation and green asset management, many new transactions require an assessment of energy consumption efficiency in the form of a Green Property Condition Assessment (PCA). Bureau Veritas' Green PCAs give you the intelligence to create energy management and reduction plans with specific actions to obtain significant short- and long-term cost savings. Look to Bureau Veritas to ensure your properties fulfill specific Green standards.

Key benefits of BV’s Green Property Condition Assessments

  • National team of experts with deep knowledge of housing regulations governing Green PCAs 

  • Consultant to top five of eight public housing agencies across the country 

  • Leading national consultant for Rental Assistant Demonstration (RAD) projects 

  • Ability to integrate green projects with capital improvement projects with early payback 

  • Investment Grade Energy Audits 

  • Long-term Capital Planning and Physical Needs Analysis 

  • In-house developed digital data collection and capital planning database AssetCalcTM 

  • Technology-backed efficient, accurate assessment resulting in quick turnaround