Green Property Condition Assessments

With the increasing focus on energy conservation and green asset management, our Green Line Services and Solutions offers critical insight and assessments for gauging the energy efficiency of a new build. Many new transactions require an assessment of energy consumption efficiency in the form of a Green Property Condition Assessment (PCA). Bureau Veritas' Green PCAs give you the intelligence to create energy management and reduction plans with specific actions to obtain significant short- and long-term cost savings. Look to Bureau Veritas to ensure your properties fulfill specific Green standards.

Key benefits of BV’s Green Property Condition Assessments

  • National team of experts with deep knowledge of housing regulations governing Green PCAs 

  • Consultant to top five of eight public housing agencies across the country 

  • Leading national consultant for Rental Assistant Demonstration (RAD) projects 

  • Ability to integrate green projects with capital improvement projects with early payback 

  • Investment Grade Energy Audits 

  • Long-term Capital Planning and Physical Needs Analysis 

  • In-house developed digital data collection and capital planning database AssetCalcTM 

  • Technology-backed efficient, accurate assessment resulting in quick turnaround