Water Intrusion Assessments

Water Intrusion Assessments

Water damage can pose serious threats of contamination to buildings of all types. It can occur for a number of reasons, from pipe corrosion and clogged lines to broken seals and excess water pressure, whether or not the result of storm damage. Bureau Veritas' thorough water intrusion assessments consist of room-by-room documentation of the damage to all surfaces, as well as the façade and roof. Let BV’s experts handle your water intrusion assessments to keep your properties free from water damage. 

Key benefits of our Water Intrusion Assessments

  • Team of project managers with subject matter expertise 

  • Consistent results that eliminate the need to coordinate dozens of vendors 

  • Unbiased assessment with no upselling or vested interest in results 

  • Prioritization of repairs and replacements for capital planning and budgeting 

  • Clear communication of project progress and outcomes 

  • Quick turnaround times