BV rolled out the “La Boulange” program including cold cases, freezers, and warmers in 4,000 locations nationwide. With an emphasis on continuous improvement and capturing and adapting to site-specific conditions, the program finished 4 years ahead of schedule.

Other Programs:
  • 1,773   Pre-Remodel Condition Assessments Giant
  • 200+  Patio Bollard, Rails, and Site/Sidewalk Assessments
  • 2,000+  Brand Compliance Audits


  • Proactively communicated with each AHJ via letter, presenting diagrams, SOW, cutsheets, and timing with the expectation that unless we heard back from the AHJ instructing us to obtain a permit, we were authorized to proceed with the work without a permit.
  • A significant number of the jurisdictions replied that we did not need to obtain a permit or they would inspect the work during their normal inspection cycle saving an average of 6 weeks per project.
  • BV provided national reach, quick response, reliable and standardized information, and software management support.