BV Salutes our Staff

Apr. 28 2020
Bureau Veritas is continuously impressed by the amazing staff we have all across North America. Each week we will highlight an employee doing good in their community. Please help us celebrate these impressive employees!
Brian Vickers, LEED AP
Vickers, LEED AP

Program Manager

Bureau Veritas North America

Within the Maryland Air National Guard, I’m managing a cross-functional team of 38 Air National Guardsmen. Together we’re supporting a number of lines of effort within the State of Maryland’s response.
For Bureau Veritas, I’m a Program Manager in the Building Assessments and Project Management (BAPM) Team, and in that capacity, I manage a number of services we provide for clients across the US, primarily Facility Condition Assessments for state & local governments, higher education, K-12 school districts, and healthcare.

Brian has recently been featured on the Maryland Air National Guard Facebook page for the service he and his team are doing to distribute meals to their community!

Brian Vickers FB National Guard

About Brian: "Within the National Guard, I normally serve as a Civil Engineer Officer. In that role, under normal circumstances, my team and I support various Air Force units in the US and Europe in planning and executing large-scale construction and repair projects as well as performing assessments of Air Force facilities to help with prioritization of funding.
During the COVID-19 response, I’m operating in a slightly different capacity. First, we’re serving meals and giving away groceries from the Maryland Food Bank at two locations in Baltimore County as a way to support children who no longer have school meals to count on for nutrition. To date (May 1, 2020), we’ve distributed 3,600 meals and 15,600lbs of groceries to those in need. We also have a team of Airmen at the Strategic National Stockpile warehouse distributing PPE and medical equipment across the state and serving as a central shipping receiving point for more than 3,000,000 pieces of equipment to-date. Additionally, we have Guardsmen providing both phone screening and in-person Coronavirus tests at each senior living facility in the state in an attempt to identify and isolate outbreaks. We also have a team of Airmen (not under my charge) who are aiding local and state governmental agencies in cybersecurity support due to an increased rate of malicious activity those entities have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. Lastly, I have Airmen who are supporting the continued flying operations and the operations of our National Guard base, to ensure that we don’t lose our combat readiness despite the limitations that have arisen from the virus."

Brian's role at Bureau Veritas: "My team and I at Bureau Veritas North America work very closely with several strategic software partners who sell capital planning and work order management software platforms. Once purchased, our team of engineers and architects provides an initial facility assessment and then we populate their newly-acquired software with data from the assessment. I also work extensively in developing and managing both our onboarding and continuing education training programs that we use to ensure standardization and quality across our services and across geographies."