Air Quality Services

Air Analysis for Industrial Hygiene

For over 40 years, Bureau Veritas has analyzed indoor air quality, whole air, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) using a variety of techniques.


VOC samples in ambient air are collected in certified passivated clean steel canisters. The canisters are evacuated so that sampling regulators can collect air samples without the need for pumps at the collection site. Bureau Veritas performs laboratory analysis on these air samples using EPA method TO-15 and GCMS instrumentation. Our staff has extensive expertise in analyzing canisters collected from a variety of situations, to provide you with the data you need to make critical decisions affecting health and the environment. Please contact the laboratory to determine if your compound is supported and if sampling with a canister is right for your application. 


Vapors in air samples are collected through a fixed reusable sorbent material in a Thermal Desorption (TD) tube. The tubes are small and easy to transport, but require a pump to draw air through the tube. Once the tube is exposed to a user-defined amount of air, it is returned to the laboratory for analysis. Bureau Veritas uses special apparatus to heat the entire tube and flush any trapped organic compounds into a GC for analysis. The tubes require no solvent and provide clean backgrounds for analysis. Our staff has extensive expertise in the selection and analysis of TD tubes.


Bureau Veritas provides a variety of other tubes and filters to ensure that your sampling program is safe and effective. Our staff are experts in Industrial Hygiene sampling and can recommend the proper media to comply with OSHA and NIOSH guidance. Bureau Veritas has been helping clients solve their Industrial Hygiene concerns with organic and inorganic air sampling for over 40 years. We also support custom and in-house methodology for clients that have unique sampling challenges in the workplace. Our team of experts is eager to work with you to provide solutions to your most challenging sampling plans.