Hospital Facility Services

Hospital Facility Services

BV Hospital Facility Services understands that the number one priority of Facility Directors is delivering an exceptional patient and family experiences. You are the unsung heroes, ensuring that the physical environment supports medical teams and hospital administrators to perform their best work which is sometimes the difference between life and death. Whether we are offering solutions in your acute long-term care facility or your off-campus emergency facilities, our mandate at Bureau Veritas is to keep pace while health organizations ask more of design, and design management. Bureau Veritas can help organize and look ahead to the future of our ever-changing medical facility needs. 

Helping our clients succeed in this uncertain frontier is not only about the broad scope of services we offer, but also the byproduct of so much more than just space devoted to healthcare. Systemic forces are at work within education, policy, access, community support, socioeconomic conditions, disease research and detection, and more. These bigger, interrelated issues keep our clients up at night—and helping them tackle these concerns head-on is what drives Bureau Veritas each day.

Our dedicated team of experts and full-suite of solutions keep your hospital facility services running at maximum performance while lowering costs and risks, including non-compliance. We can also bolster your in-house team to perform assessments and manage renovations and remodels. A hospital’s physical environment plays a vital role. You need a trusted, one-stop resource. Partner with Bureau Veritas, a name synonymous with quality and integrity around the world for almost 200 years.

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Hotel Lobby

BV Hospital Facility Services offers a wide-range of services to help you assess various aspects of your campuses as well as project manage major renovations, remodels, or rebrands.

Project Management
Program Management
Roofing Assessments
Paving Evaluations

    High Performing HVAC

    BV Hospital Facility Services offers a wide range of solutions to help you manage your facility assets, keeping your hospital facility services running at peak performance.

    Capital Planning Services
    Facility Equipment Inventory & Tagging
    Preventative Maintenance Programs
    New Hospital Commissioning
    Retro-commissioning / Re-commissioning
    Energy Studies

      ADA Compliance

      Managing regulations in a hospital environment could be a full-time job for a Facility Director.  BV Hospital Facility Services understands Joint Commission Standards and the need for written documentation. We also understand how to assess and keep hospitals ADA compliant.   

      Code Compliance
      ADA Assessments & Consulting
      Elevator Inspections

        New construction and renovation projects within hospital facilities as well as inpatient, specialty, and outpatient centers require the integration and validation of cutting-edge technologies essential to delivering the latest services. Our  hospital facility services experts thoroughly understand infrastructure and regulations that govern the healthcare industry in the 21st century.


        • Knowledge of today’s rapidly changing healthcare industry, including compliance, reforms and regulations
        • Manage your facility assets, keeping your buildings running at peak performance
        • Assess various aspects of your campuses as well as project manage major renovations, remodels, or rebrand

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