SUPPLY-R | Build a Resilient Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Rules Have Changed

The exceptional events of 2020 have affected nearly every aspect of global business. Supply chains in particular are being tested like never before, with a majority of 60 senior North American executives admitting in a recent survey that the health pandemic continues to expose vulnerabilities in their supply chains that they didn’t know existed. This has, without a doubt, led to a cross-industry reckoning in which leaders are becoming more open to systemic change that will help to establish a new standard in supply chain practices. 

Make your Supply Chain More Resilient with Supply-R

We may not always be able to predict what the future holds in terms of our supply chains, but we can be prepared to mitigate disruptions by questioning “best practices” and embracing change. That’s what building resiliency is all about, and we developed our unique solution, Supply-R, to do exactly that for your supply chain processes.

Supply-R is a digital solution that uses real-time data, displayed on a digital customized dashboard, to reveal instant insight into the health of your supply chain. By providing total visibility into the known—and unknown—risks threatening your processes today, Supply-R will help you meet the future head-on and develop a more resilient supply chain.  

The Path to Resiliency is in the Details

Companies can’t fix what they don’t know, and this has never been truer when it comes to supply chains. Supply-R is designed to shed aclear light on the process details that could be holding you back, equipping you with the knowledge you need to forge a successful journey toward supply chain resiliency.

Supply-R will deliver this knowledge to you through a methodical set of key steps:

Assessment modules: We will start with our ready-to-use checklists, or create customized checklists according to your specific needs, to initially assess vulnerabilities and disruption risks. 

Field audits: We will help you verify these risks at the source of your supply chain to better understand how to implement the processes that could mitigate these risks.

Tailored “risk index” development: We will consolidate the results of the assessments and audits to develop your tailored risk index, identifying your ultimate pain points and quantifying the resistance and responsiveness of your suppliers.

Delivery of a single digital repository: We will aggregate all supply chain data into an easily accessible, detailed digital view, providing you with total transparency into the global disruptions to your supply chain. Our digital tools will further enhance your ability to analyze the data on a continual basis, empowering you to assess risks by supplier, project, geography, product category, and tier.

Is Supply-R right for you?

Our Supply-R solutions are flexible and agile. Wherever you are on your unique supply chain journey, our Supply-R process will help you rise to any challenge, particularly if:

You want to minimize shock in demand, pricing, and logistics.
You want your supply chain to be driven by value through a focus on risk management, process control, and re-location closer to demand.
You want to build better supplier ecosystems that are based on transparency and trust.

We are ready to work with you to build a more resilient supply chain. Contact us to begin the journey!