Ontario Drinking Water

May. 19 2008

We make it our business to be an essential part of Ontario’s preventative approach to safe drinking water. Bureau Veritas Laboratories serves a variety of clients ranging from municipalities and small business owners to private homeowners and individuals who want to know about the quality of their drinking water. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act was established within Ontario to protect the public through regulatory control on drinking water systems to ensure safe water for human consumption. Bureau Veritas Laboratories offers analytical packages that are customized to satisfy each regulatory requirement.

To help customers comply with the appropriate regulations, we have organized key documents and reference material by segment:

We also offer non-regulated testing for Private, Residential and Commercial water samples.

Municipal Drinking Water Systems (O.Reg. 170/03)

Most municipal drinking water systems in Ontario are regulated under O.Reg 170/03 made under the Safe Drinking Water Act (2002). The responsibility to comply with the stringent testing and treatment schedule resides with the system owners and operators under this regulation.

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Small Drinking Water Systems (O.Reg. 319/08)

This regulation falls under the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. It applies to non-municipal drinking water systems, and private well owners that provide public access to their supplied water. There are about 18,000 small drinking water systems in Ontario that fall under this regulation.

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Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries (O.Reg. 243/07) 

In 2007, the government of Ontario established requirements for lead testing and flushing at schools and day nurseries, as part of the Safe Drinking Water Act (2002).

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Private, Residential and Commercial Water Testing

Do you have concerns about your residential water? Bureau Veritas offers a variety of water analysis options for well water, private residences and commercial buildings that are not covered by the above regulations. Email for more information on the testing packages that Bureau Veritas offers in Ontario for non-regulated testing of potable (drinking) water.

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