We provide mechanical and electrical services to support the testing and commissioning of any type of facility including mission-critical facilities, data centers, complex office buildings, central utility plants, warehousing and fulfillment centers, healthcare facilities, higher education, and retail. Our commissioning services are designed to ensure that your new or existing facility is at maximum reliability and at energy efficiency.

Our commissioning staff works to ensure that your facility is designed and installed properly, including the interoperability of electrical, mechanical and control systems. We validate all sequences of operations to achieve optimum performance of the facility.

Key benefits of commissioning for new & existing facilities

  • Increase occupant safety
  • Improved building occupant productivity
  • Lower utility bill through energy savings
  • Increase occupant and owner satisfaction
  • Enhance environment and health conditions
  • Improve system and equipment function
  • Improve building operations and maintenance
  • Reduction of change orders and delays during construction
  • Fewer deficiencies at substantial completion
  • Complete and useful suite of documents for continuous building operations