Rock Analysis


Bureau Veritas laboratories are renowned for the use of cutting-edge technologies to obtain the low levels of detection needed to meet exploration geochemical requirements.

We typically use a two-step process for analysis:
1. Extraction of the desired elements, and
2. Element determination by instrumental analysis. Extraction can be partial—to measure only non-resistive elements, or total—to measure the total abundance of the elements from all minerals in the sample.

Our Other Geochemistry Services Include:

  • Sample Preparation: 
    Incorporating several methodical steps to ensure correct analyses.
  • Precious Metals Analysis and Leaches: 
    Industry-standard fire assay options for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Classical Ore and High-Grade Analysis:
     Our methods provide the high precision and accuracy required to quantify commodity elements for resource evaluation.
  • Exploration Geochemistry: 
    Optimized methods designed to provide trace to ultra-trace detection limits and maximum anomaly to background contrast.
  • Lithogeochemistry / Whole Rock Analysis / Carbon & Sulphur: 
    We employ fusion techniques to completely digest most refractory matrices. These methods account for structural water and are the only multi-element methods that provide quantitative determinations for silica.
  • Biogeochemistry: 
    We provide both preparation and analysis of vegetation samples for the purposes of mineral exploration.
  • Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA): 
    A highly sensitive, accurate technique used for total sample analysis in most matrices.

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