Environmental Forensics

Environmental Forensics

Who is responsible for the leak or contamination?

Hydrocarbon forensics is an important field of study related to the characterization of oil, gasoline and diesel contamination in soil, sediment and groundwater.

While historically it has primarily been used to resolve liability issues resulting from hydrocarbon contamination (e.g., when a property is sold and changes hands), in recent years, the science has emerged as a powerful planning tool to aid in effective remediation, design, risk assessment studies, and when developing a comprehensive closure strategy. This has recently expanded into forensics involving road salts to determine the source of water contamination.

Bureau Veritas is involved in many industry/government collaborations and internal research projects; our investments in this evolving science will help our customers address key challenges regarding site remediation and risk assessments. Please view our webinar Hydrocarbon Forensics Part 3.

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