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Allergen Testing

The existence of undeclared allergens in food is a leading cause of product recalls and food withdrawn from the market. To protect consumers’ health and safety, all food products are required to be labelled with their allergenic ingredients. Undeclared allergens can be present through the inadequate application of allergen controls in areas such as storage, production scheduling and sanitation. These controls should be in place to prevent cross-contamination. The health consequences of food allergies can be severe and instant and are a major public health concern for affected consumers.

Bureau Veritas quantitatively tests a comprehensive range of allergens in finished product, ingredients and environmental surfaces utilizing accredited ELISA-based methods. These tests include:

• Peanut          
• Gluten
• Soy
• Milk

• (Beta) B-lactoglobulin
• Casein
• Egg
• Almond

• Hazelnut
• Mustard
• Sesame


Our scientific team performs continuous research to determine and implement the best allergen kits, and in some instances, provide multiple kit options to better suit your specific matrix.

Allergen testing is typically conducted over 5 business days, however, Bureau Veritas can offer a faster turnaround time for a variety of sample matrices. For a rush request, testing can be completed in as soon as 2 to 3 business days. Testing is performed by our trained, proficient analysts using ISO 17025 accredited methods. All results are backed by vigorous quality controls and scientific services validation.

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