As the leader in private forensic testing services in Canada, and with a reputation for tackling time-sensitive cases, Bureau Veritas offers complete forensic biology testing services and court testimony for criminal and civil investigations. Our SCC-accredited services include screening of evidentiary items for blood, semen, saliva and hairs that may be suitable for STR and/or Y-STR DNA analysis. Our scientists often testify in criminal court proceedings as experts and occasionally are retained by criminal defense lawyers to consult on and review DNA laboratory reports from other laboratories.

We have worked with more than 350 police agencies across Canada examining items from many case types: homicide, sexual and physical assault, break and enter, motor vehicle accidents and more. In addition to criminal proceedings, private investigators, corporate QA and security personnel, professionals and private citizens count on our unique capabilities and DNA expertise to help them find answers to matters of spousal infidelity, familial relationships, risks associated with contaminated products, continuity matters for medical specimens, estate settlement, threatening mail, or response to matters involving disgruntled employees or consumer fraud.