DNA Strand

Food Genomics

Using genomics as a discovery tool, Bureau Veritas offers services including food authentication, microbiome analysis and pathogen typing to help decrease food fraud and ratify your food safety program. Food genomics can also be an effective tool for food traceability and can have a greater impact on lowering the carbon footprint in agriculture, seafood farming and livestock management. 

Food authentication is based on Next Generation Sequencing technology and references a DNA sequence database to identify the ingredient in the sample. Our range of food authentication testing services includes food component detection, ingredient declaration, mislabelling detection and confirmation of cross-contamination.

Microbiome analysis provides a discovery tool that develops a fingerprint of the organisms being tested. With microbiome analysis, you can develop data to solve issues over sample abuse and contamination, as well as establish the shelf life of the sample. Food manufacturers can benefit from this analysis when developing new products, and food companies can use it to enhance the quality of existing products.

Pathogen typing generates information to address food safety challenges, such as pathogen contamination, using targeted Next Generation Sequencing and Whole Genome Sequencing. This analysis allows you to identify pathogens and their distribution across a region, confirm outbreak strains, identify the source of contamination in a plant or processing unit, and understand the movement of the pathogen.

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