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Onsite Food and Agri Laboratories

The global worker shortage is creating record disruptions in the food and agriculture industry. As economic conditions become less certain, more companies are unable to keep their laboratories fully staffed, resulting in lab errors and threatening the quality of the world’s food supply.

To stay ahead of these challenges, companies at all stages of the food chain have decided a third-party partnership is the right solution. Bureau Veritas is at the forefront of this shift, helping the food and agriculture industry navigate complex lab management issues and regulations, improving the technical delivery of laboratory services and reducing overall costs.

With Bureau Veritas’ onsite laboratory management solutions, we’ll invest in a complete upgrade of your existing laboratory, helping it achieve industry-standard ISO 17025 accreditation. Our onsite lab will help you expand testing capabilities, enabling frequent testing with same day results to help ensure the quality of your food and agri products are maintained. Our full suite of laboratory services enables us to be a true partner, focusing on reliability and efficiency in your day to day operations. All Bureau Veritas customers also gain access to a full spectrum of analytical services, supported by a customer data interface that improves efficiency, eliminates transcription errors, and maintains data security and integrity.

50Years operating laboratories across North America
25Food laboratories
2 Mil+Tests per year

Bureau Veritas has a 50-year history of operating labs across North America with experience in providing full laboratory outsourcing, new build engineering consultation, and operational excellence auditing services across a wide range of industrial markets.

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5 Reasons to Reimagine Your Laboratory Operations

  1. Maximize Your Buying Power
  2. Modernize Your Operations
  3. Speed Up Your Results
  4. Leave It To The Experts
  5. Find Flexibility In Your Work


Avena Foods Onsite Labs Case Study

Avena Foods Case Study

Read how Canadian specialty miller Avena Foods partnered with Bureau Veritas to upgrade their onsite laboratory, combining the latest technology, people, and solutions to expand Avena’s testing capabilities and elevate their operations to an ISO 17025 standard. Through their upgraded onsite laboratory, Avena Foods was able to introduce 13 additional tests and increase the lab’s capacity to test up to 150,000 samples per year, translating to 750,000 annual test results.


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