Operational Continuity Service

Operational Continuity Services

Sustainable operational continuity is critical within government, commercial, and institutional facilities. As part of our comprehensive Green Line Services and Solutions in which we help clients execute effective sustainability strategies, Bureau Veritas North America (BV) employs a variety of skilled employees that are proficient in facility maintenance, facility management, facility condition assessments, and project management. This diversity allows Bureau Veritas to offer services rooted in greener, more sustainable practices that can meet the unique needs of facility management professionals around the world. This diversity allows BV to offer services that meet the unique needs of facility management professionals around the world. Most of the many services we offer relate to operational continuity of government, commercial, and institutional facilities. Some or all of the following tasks may be employed to support our clientele through their operational continuity implementation.

In regard to the safety of our clients and teams, BV goes above and beyond to ensure that we are tracking temperature and that PPE is provided to our staff. We also implement virtual site assessments via drone and other technologies when entering a facility that could prove too risky to our clients or our teams.


  • Provide administrative and, or technical support in the facilitation of building Operational Continuity Procedures. These services can provide coordination of local subcontractors as necessary or to project manage corrective action.
  • Support owner-operators by utilizing our factory-trained and certified facility maintenance personnel to safely perform a comprehensive inspection and facility operational continuity using industry best practice and manufacturer recommendations.
  • Evaluate the site, building exterior, roof, windows, doors, building interior, floor, ceiling, and wall finishes for deficiencies, life safety concerns, and recommended repairs or actions.



Evaluation of HVAC and Electrical Systems from the Central Plant (if applicable) -

Evaluate all rooms and open and closed areas and prepare them for operational continuity. Act as owner representative where warranty issues are of concern, including fire protection, elevator systems, and alarm systems.

  • HVAC Systems include: chillers, boilers, RTUs, air handlers, pumps, split systems, PTAC, VTACs, and air side units
  • Electrical Systems include: panels, transformers, motor control centers, generators, and transfer switches
Evaluation of Fire and Fire Line Safety Protection Systems -

Evaluations will include a physical walk-through of all occupied space while noting anomalies and inspecting fire extinguishers with emphasis on entrances and exits.

  • Fire and Fire Life Systems include: fire alarm system, sprinkler system, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, exit lights, emergency lights, automatic fire doors, and maintenance of adequate egress when re-arranging for operations with social distancing
Evaluation of Plumbing and Water Systems

Service will include, where applicable, shower stall inspection for intrusion. We check sanitary traps and drains as well as recommend a flush of the domestic water system to guard against Legionella.

  • Plumbing Systems include: fixtures, circulation pumps, sump pumps, water heaters, domestic water boilers, heat exchangers, temperature control valve
Evaluation of Proper Operation of Conveyance Systems and Support Equipment
  • Conveyance Systems include: elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, handicap lifts, and dock levelers
  • Support Equipment includes: commercial foodservice equipment, commercial laundry equipment, and ice machines