Canned Food Processing


Bureau Veritas offers HACCP-based GMP audit standards specific to the following industry sectors:

  • HACCP-based GMP for Food Manufacturers
  • HACCP-based GDP for Food Storage & Distribution Centers
  • HACCP-based GMP for Food Packaging Manufacturers

CEA Food Safety Standard

Bureau Veritas is an approved Certification Body for the CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) Food Safety Standard, which is designed specifically for indoor produce growers. Controlled environment growers include greenhouses, vertical farms, and other indoor farms. Compliance to this food safety standard is designated by a certified seal on product packaging. The CEA Food Safety addendum may be paired with your annual GFSI benchmarked or other approved certification audit, or it may be conducted as a stand-alone audit, however certification to an approved underlying food safety certification is required.


Bureau Veritas is approved to conduct COSTCO food safety assessments in the US, Canada and many other countries. We can help clients register as a supplier in COSTCO’s database and schedule the following types of audits:

  • COSTCO Small Supplier Audits: These audits are for small suppliers with under 25 employees and who have not undergone a previous food safety audit. The COSTCO Small Supplier Audit is announced, and once audited, must move onto the COSTCO GMP audit the following year. Typically, this audit is one day in duration.
  • COSTCO GMP Audits: These audits are for suppliers with under 25 employees and who have had a food safety audit conducted in the past. COSTCO GMP Audits are unannounced, however an audit window is defined and black-out dates may be submitted. Typically, this audit is one day in duration.
  • COSTCO Approved Good Distribution Practices Audits (GDP): Bureau Veritas’ HACCP-Based Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Audit standard is conducted at storage facilities that are part of the COSTCO supply chain.
  • COSTCO Addendum: The COSTCO addendum is paired with a site’s annual GFSI Benchmarked certification audit to help reduce costs.

Supply Chain Audits

The quality and safety of your product is essential to your brand and reputation. Bureau Veritas conducts both 2nd party and 3rd party audits of supply chains to verify compliance with product specifications, regulations, and industry best practices. Our audit professionals can carry out robust, valuable assessments using your company’s assessment criteria, a Bureau Veritas standard, or we can collaborate and define assessment criteria together. Our global footprint saves you valuable time and travel costs, as our team will deliver audits in your country's local language and provide reports in English. With our global network and responsive service, Bureau Veritas is the ideal partner to manage your food safety supplier program, regardless of the location or the number of suppliers.

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