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Achieve your BRCGS certification in one of the world’s leading food safety standards with Bureau Veritas. Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), BRCGS helps sites demonstrate their commitment to products that are safe, legal and of high quality, building confidence in the supply chain. BRCGS certifies companies for food safety, packaging materials, gluten-free products, and storage and distribution.

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BRCGS certification is one of the best ways for companies to demonstrate their real commitments to food safety and quality. Contact Bureau Veritas today and put our knowledgeable team to work for your business, answering your questions, guiding you through the process, and helping you achieve certification in one of the world’s foremost third party certification programs. From determining the scope of your certification through to getting your annual recertification audit, Bureau Veritas is there with you every step of the way. 

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BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9

Learn About BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9

Join BRCGS and Bureau Veritas for a joint webinar to learn about BRCGS' latest food safety issue 9. This webinar is presented by BRCGS' Delivery Partners Relationship Manager Jessica Burke and Bureau Veritas' Kris Middleton who won 2021 BRCGS Americas Auditor of the Year.

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Transfer Your BRCGS Certification to Bureau Veritas

Have an existing BRCGS certification? Bureau Veritas will work with you to seamlessly transition your certification, managing the full end-to-end transfer process on your behalf. You can trust Bureau Veritas to handle all the details of your certification transfer including organizing administrative tasks, collecting necessary documents and asking the right questions.

Why Bureau Veritas?

Why Choose Bureau Veritas Food Certification

Bureau Veritas was honored to receive back-to-back recognition as Certification Body of the Year (BV SAS, 2022) and Auditor of the Year (BRCGS, 2021).

BRCGS Training

Bureau Veritas offers 19 BRCGS courses through our licensed training center both virtually and privately. As a BRCGS Approved Training Establishment, our presentations are vetted by BRCGS to ensure the accuracy and quality of our training. Contact our food safety training center by completing the request form to discuss all of your training needs. From BRCGS and HACCP training to GFSI internal auditor training, we are ready to help you succeed in today’s world of food safety and compliance.

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Learn How We Can Help You Become a BRCGS Professional

Join BRCGS and Bureau Veritas for a joint webinar to learn about becoming a BRCGS professional. This webinar is presented by BRCGS' Business Training Manager Robert Moss and Bureau Veritas' Food Program Manager Kris Middleton, who was recognized as BRCGS Americas Auditor of the Year in 2021.

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Not ready to pursue BRCGS certification?

Consider the BRCGS START! Program, a resource for small sites where food safety management systems have not fully matured. This program recognizes and encourages the development of food safety systems, giving companies a clear path toward improved food safety standards as they grow. More information is available on the BRCGS website.