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Food safety doesn’t apply just to humans. Ensuring the health and safety of animals is of critical importance, both in the livestock and pet food industries. Bureau Veritas is a leading partner of two certification programs: FAMI-QS and Safe Feed Safe Food (SF/SF). Together, these associations help ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of a safe and wholesome feed supply for the growth and care of animals.

Get FAMI-QS Certified

Looking to get certified for producing safe and quality specialty feed ingredients and mixtures? FAMI-QS is the world's leading food safety certification scheme for the animal feed industry specifically designed for international validity. Attain your certification with Bureau Veritas to demonstrate excellence and trust in your specialty feed ingredients, while also addressing feed integrity, defense and regulatory compliance.

For food businesses that specialize in international animal food or ingredients exports, FAMI-QS has collaborated with Safe Feed Safe Food to develop the International Safe Feed Safe Food Program (I-SF/SF). Attaining this certification demonstrates your commitment to feed safety with the opportunity to use both the I-SF/SF and FAMI-QS logos.

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FAMI-QS Training Course

Learn about the FAMI-QS Version 6 certification process as well as the FAMI-QS Code of Practice.

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Get SF/SF Certified

Want to promote your best-in-class safe feed manufacturing standards? SF/SF certification is one of the best ways for animal and pet food manufacturers to demonstrate their real commitments to food safety and quality. Partner with Bureau Veritas to get your SF/SF certification and exceed regulatory standards, demonstrating the utmost in feed safety. SF/SF is trusted by the Food and Drug Administration and helps companies minimize feed safety risks, prepare for government inspections and ensure compliance with FSMA’s animal food rule. It also serves as a stepping stone into the SQF Program.

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Ready to get started? Contact Bureau Veritas today and put our knowledgeable team to work for your business, answering your questions, guiding you through the process, and helping you achieve the best certification for your animal or pet food business. From determining the scope of your certification through to getting your annual recertification audit, non-conformance closure and surveillance audit, Bureau Veritas is there with you every step of the way.

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Pet Food Testing

Bureau Veritas works with leading pet food manufacturers to provide guaranteed analyses to advise pet food purchasers about the product’s nutrient content. Our food laboratories also provide AAFCO nutrient profiles for dog and cat food labels that declare the food to be 'complete and balanced.'

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Animal DNA Testing

Bureau Veritas’s accredited animal DNA Laboratory has been providing animal DNA testing and expert service to the livestock and breeding industry since 1986. Testing services include: parentage / identity verification, genetic abnormality testing, heritable traits of interest including: horned/polled, coat colour, and milk protein testing, pedigree reconstruction, and identity testing for quality control programs.

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